Songs: Never Fail (3:48), On Our Side (7:22), Ever Love You (19:00), The Everlasting (24:11)

Source: Church on the Move on Vimeo

Songs: Breathe on Us (0:00), The Lord Our God (5:27), Spirit of the Living God (9:53), Seas of Crimson (20:44), Jesus, Only Jesus (26:14), Live it Well (40:05)

Source: CCC Omaha on Vimeo

Songs: Your Love Awakens Me (0:00), The Lion and the Lamb (3:36), The Stand (8:58), Moving Forward (19:48)

Source: CCV on Vimeo

Songs: Praise Him (0:00), Beneath the Waters (4:48), Resurrecting (10:09), Because He Lives (16:50)

Source: Worship Center on Vimeo

Songs: Can’t Stop Singing (0:00), Do What You Want To (4:24), One Thing Remains (8:26), Your Presence (14:20)

Source: Chad Perez from New Hope Church

Songs: The Lion and the Lamb (0:00), He is Yahweh (4:43), Shepherd (11:56), Take Courage (20:11)

Source: WSFirst on Vimeo

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