6 Worship Ideas

Week after week, churches gather to sing songs and listen to the word preached. Because it’s something we do every week, our church services can very easily lose their effect on our hearts. We can start just going through the motions and not allow the worship to move us. That’s why we put together this list of six worship ideas that can help you bring a special moment into your service.

It’s important you don’t go with one of these worship ideas just because you’re bored with your service. Be intentional. Look for a way that one of these worship ideas will compliment your service—not hijack it.

1. Put Scripture verses at the bottom of your lyric slides.

Sometimes the songs we sing during our worship service can get confusing. For instance, the lyrics to “Oceans” can be a bit confusing if you don’t understand it in context of Jesus calling Peter to walk on the water with him:

You call me out upon the waters
The great unknown where feet may fail
And there I find You in the mystery
In oceans deep, my faith will stand

Why not reference the passage on the lyric slide so people can understand the context? It can add new meaning to the song for those who aren’t familiar with the song.

2. Candlelit worship.

This is one of those worship ideas that doesn’t have to be reserved exclusively for Christmas eve services. When it makes sense in the context of your service, use candles as a chance to demonstrate us spreading our light to others. Either use candles on the stage, or let the light slowly spread with handheld candles.

3. Environmental projection.

Environmental projection is simply pointing a projector on a wall and letting the image fill the whole span of architecture. While it takes a bit of technical know-how and setup, it can be a cool way to create an immersive experience. It’s no longer an image on a screen, you become part of the image. Many churches are using this worship idea on a weekly basis, but why not just try it for one special service?

4. Build a stage design from the congregation’s perspective.

What if you had the congregation “build” a stage design during the worship service. A church in Kentucky did that. It became one of those worship ideas that was massively memorable because it made the congregation feel part of the service.

5. Give the congregation a part in the musical worship.

Uncover the Color creates worship experience elements for churches and special events. One thing they did was to give each member of the congregation a tuned chime. Then they allowed the congregation to take part in the musical experience. Definitely one of the coolest worship ideas I’ve ever seen!

6. Bring in different instruments than normal.

If you normally work with a rock and roll set, why not bring in some classical instruments? You could bring in a Hammered Dulcimer or some large drums. If you’re wanting a celebratory service, why not bring in some trash cans and let your percussionists go crazy? Different instruments and different types of music affect people differently. Why not see how you can shake things up a bit and create a unique emotional texture during your services?

So those are our worship ideas. Got any of your own? What unique things have you done at your church to make the worship moment special? Share your worship idea in a comment below.

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