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Songs: Your Love Awakens Me (0:11), Never Gonna Stop Singing (3:39), Love So Great (10:20), No Longer Slaves (15:40)

Source: Harvest Time on Vimeo

Songs: Your Love Awakens Me (0:00), Look to the Son (4:45), This I Believe (8:48), I Surrender (21:15)

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Songs: The Way (0:03), Your Love Awakens Me (4:23), Holy Spirit (8:20)


Songs: Alive (0:00), Your Love Awakens Me (2:11), The Lion and the Lamb (6:05), Forever (10:30), Glory to Glory (16:38)

Source: Chad Perez from New Hope Church

Songs: Your Love Awakens Me (0:00), The Lion and the Lamb (3:36), The Stand (8:58), Moving Forward (19:48)

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Songs: Your Love Awakens Me (0:02), Beneath the Waters (3:55), Resurrecting (12:55), Mercy (21:36)

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