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Source: Jordan Shaft from Journey Church

Songs: The Lion and the Lamb (0:20), You Alone (4:54), Great Are You Lord (11:15)

Source: Jordan Shaft from Journey Church

Songs: This I Believe (0:37), Holy Spirit / Set a Fire (5:47), Cornerstone (13:08), Lamb of God (55:45), Forever Reign (59:56). You Alone (1:05:41)

Source: Jordan Shaft from Vale Church

Songs: You Brought Me Back to Life (5:22), Love Goes On (9:09), You Alone (15:18), Our God Reigns (19:15)

Source: Church on the Move on Vimeo

Flood San Diego

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Songs: Hungry (2:00), Always Forever (4:45), Words that You Say (18:48), Spirit Waltz (1:16:06), You Alone (1:19:52), Your Love is Strong (1:25:28)

Source: FloodSanDiego on Vimeo