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Songs: Look To The Son (0:00), Fierce (4:42), The Price You Paid (8:45), What A Beautiful Name (13:37)

Source: Cornerstone Community Church on Vimeo

Songs: We Are Royals (0:00), What a Beautiful Name (3:17), Glorious Day (7:11), Lift Your Head Weary Sinner (50:38)

Source: Parkview Sermons and Worship

Songs: Energy (0:16), Lion and the Lamb (11:56), Miracles (16:28), What a Beautiful Name (1:11:23)

Source: Foothills Christian Church on Vimeo

Songs: Victory (2:07), In God We Trust (6:09), What a Beautiful Name (15:50)

Source: International Family Church on Vimeo

Songs: Lion and The Lamb (0:05), Glorious Day (4:35), What A Beautiful Name (9:01)

Source: Frankie Krasinski from 242 Community Church

Songs: King of All (0:00), Here for You (6:47), What a Beautiful Name (13:33), There’s Something About that Name (20:56), Whisper (26:28)

Source: WSFirst on Vimeo

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