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Songs: Alive (0:05), Call Upon the Lord (3:56), The Lord Our God (8:31)


Songs: Open Up Our Eyes (1:43), The Lord Our God (7:45), Worthy of Your Name (12:59), Resurrecting (19:05)

Source: Cross Pointe Church on Vimeo

Songs: The Lord Our God (2:29), Good Good Father (6:46), Close (14:32), For the Cross (21:19)

Source: Cross Pointe Church on Vimeo

Songs: Breathe on Us (0:00), The Lord Our God (5:27), Spirit of the Living God (9:53), Seas of Crimson (20:44), Jesus, Only Jesus (26:14), Live it Well (40:05)

Source: CCC Omaha on Vimeo

Songs: Where the Streets Have No Name (0:00), How Great Thou Art (5:02), Holy Spirit (9:09), The Lord Our God (13:32), When I Get Where I’m Going (58:50)


Songs: Don’t Ever Stop (0:00), The Lord Our God (5:32), White Flag (9:58), Hosanna (16:51)

Source: CCC Omaha on Vimeo

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