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Songs: Live to Praise You (7:18), End of Days (10:21), From the Inside Out (15:19), Even When it Hurts (23:04), Set a Fire (27:08)

Source: Church on the Move on Vimeo

Songs: This I Believe (0:37), Holy Spirit / Set a Fire (5:47), Cornerstone (13:08), Lamb of God (55:45), Forever Reign (59:56). You Alone (1:05:41)

Source: Jordan Shaft from Vale Church

Songs: Wake (0:03), Awaken Me (4:27), Nothing Compares (Original Song) (10:58), Christ Be All Around Me (15:47), You Make Me Brave (21:02), Sinking Deep (27:05), Forever (34:20), Here We Are (Original Song) (45:14), Amazing Grace (50:59), Only One (Original Song) (56:05), Set A Fire (1:00:14), Let It Be Known (1:03:10)

Source: Tyler Sansom from First Capital Christian

Look for their album releasing later in September where you’ll be able to find these original songs.

Church on the Move

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Songs: Lay Me Down (5:48), Scandal of Grace (10:58), Video Testimony (16:46), Le quattro stagioni (The Four Seasons) (23:00), Set A Fire (26:40)

Source: Jesse Andersen at Church on the Move

Songs: Forevermore (0:00), You Are Good (5:50), Set a Fire (11:00), I Need You More (18:34)

Source: Cross Timbers Community Church on Vimeo

The Journey

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Songs: Go (1:33), Cornerstone (5:11), You Revive Me (10:10), Set a Fire (15:53)

Source: The Journey on Vimeo