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Songs: River (0:00), Close (3:46), Revelation Song (10:20), Scandal of Grace (16:15)

Source: New Hope Church on Vimeo

Songs: This is Amazing Grace (0:00), Hands to the Heavens (4:37), Ever Be (9:29), Scandal of Grace (15:34)

Source: Chad Perez from New Hope Church

Songs: The Church Is Alive (0:13), This Is Amazing Grace (4:00), Scandal Of Grace (10:16), Forever (15:14)

Source: Harvest Time on Vimeo

Songs: Closer (0:00), Search My Heart (4:34), Scandal of Grace (10:00), Healer (15:05)

Source: Chad Perez from New Hope Church

Songs: Let it Be Known (2:21), Love Goes On (7:37), I Surrender (13:59), Scandal of Grace (1:24:58)

Source: International Family Church on Vimeo

Songs: Greatly to Be Praised (5:56), Closer to Your Heart (10:13), Give Me Jesus (17:17), Scandal of Grace (20:14)

Source: Church on the Move on Vimeo

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