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Songs: Mighty Redeemer (0:09), Say So (4:16), You Are Good (7:05), Beneath the Waters (12:19), How He Loves (18:38)

Source: Warren Halstrom at Celebration Baptist Church

Songs: We are the Free (1:38), Say So (5:40), Your Presence is Heaven (15:17), Nothing But the Blood of Jesus (19:48), All I Need is You (34:40), You Hold My World (37:41), Reign in Us (47:54), Desert Song (53:33), The Anthem (57:33), You Are Good (1:04:52)

Source: SeaCoast Grace Church on Vimeo

Brand New Church

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Songs: Say So (0:00), You Are More (5:54), The More I Seek You (12:06)

Source: BNC Global Media

SeaCoast Grace Church

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Songs: I Am Free (0:00), God’s Romance (3:35), Say So (7:53), Who is This King (16:15), You Hold My World (1:01:45), Oh How He Loves Us (1:06:06), God’s Romance (1:08:43)

Source: SeaCoast Grace Church on Vimeo