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Source: Church on the Move on Vimeo


Source: Timothy Lee from Crossroads UMC

Songs: Your Love Awakens Me (0:11), Never Gonna Stop Singing (3:39), Love So Great (10:20), No Longer Slaves (15:40)

Source: Harvest Time on Vimeo

Songs: First Love (3:52), Love So Great (7:32), Awakening (20:30)

Source: Church on the Move on Vimeo

Songs: Love So Great (0:00), Enter the Gates (5:40), Great Are You Lord (12:46), This I Believe (22:12)

Source: WSFirst on Vimeo

Songs: Grace on Top of Grace (2:07), Love So Great (6:06), O Praise the Name (Anástasis) (11:35)

Source: International Family Church on Vimeo

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