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Source:  New Hope Church on Vimeo

Songs: Victory (0:00), I Surrender All (3:47), My Anchor Holds (9:36), Here I Am to Worship (1:24:20), Lamb of God (1:29:54)

Source: Foothill Church on YouTube

Songs: Burning in My Soul (5:08), Always (10:49), In Christ Alone (16:20), Here I am to Worship (1:04:03)

Source: Ryan Furr at Terrace Lake Community Church

East Hill Church

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Songs: Praise Him (0:00), Great I Am (4:25), Here I Am to Worship (11:00), Yahweh (15:50), Forever Reign (24:33)

Source: East Hill Church Family on Vimeo

New Life Church

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Songs: Here I Am to Worship (0:00), This is Our God (5:00), One Thing Remains (11:54), I Need You More (24:56)

Source: New Life Church

How do you pick your worship songs?

The worship pastor selects the list, then we work on it to see how it flows. Some songs are picked based on the sermon.

Lifepoint Church

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Songs: How Great Thou Art (0:00), Hosanna (5:18), Here I Am to Worship (10:33), All The Poor and Powerless (17:18)

Source: Lifepoint Church on Vimeo