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Source:  Seacoast Church on Vimeo

Songs: King of All (0:00), Here for You (6:47), What a Beautiful Name (13:33), There’s Something About that Name (20:56), Whisper (26:28)

Source: WSFirst on Vimeo

Songs: Lion and the Lamb (0:00), Here for You (4:28), Resurrecting (9:48), Jesus We Love You (19:44), What a Beautiful Name (21:33), Son of God (26:52), Miracles (37:03)

Source: Jordan Shaft from Journey Church

Songs: Here for You (0:00), Glory is Yours (6:00), To Our God (11:00), Death Was Arrested (16:10)

Source: WSFirst on Vimeo

Songs: Freedom (0:05), Here for You (4:44), Worthy of it All (11:11)

Source: healingplaceTV on Vimeo

Songs: Here for You (0:49), Whom Shall I Fear (10:19), Cornerstone (15:10), 10,000 Reasons (22:38)

Source: Cross Pointe Church on Vimeo

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