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Songs: Glorious Day (0:00), Heal Our Land (4:30), Original Song (10:00)

Source: healingplaceTV on Vimeo

Songs: We Are Royals (0:00), What a Beautiful Name (3:17), Glorious Day (7:11), Lift Your Head Weary Sinner (50:38)

Source: Parkview Sermons and Worship

Songs: Glorious Day (0:00), Mighty Warrior (4:20), Jesus (8:50), Made Alive (59:57)

Source: Parkview Sermons and Worship

Songs: Lion and The Lamb (0:05), Glorious Day (4:35), What A Beautiful Name (9:01)

Source: Frankie Krasinski from 242 Community Church

Songs: Glorious Day (0:00), To Know Your Name (3:52), Forever Reign (8:25)

Source: Clayton Ring on Vimeo

Songs: Manifesto (0:00), Our God (5:45), Glorious Day (10:11), Holy Holy Holy (15:37), It’s All About You/I Surrender All (28:05)

Source: crosspt media

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