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Source: Parkview on Vimeo

Songs: Alive (0:00), We Rejoice (4:03), Touch The Sky (8:19), Give Me Faith (12:38)

Source: Shawn C Ames from Family Life Fellowship

Songs: Furious (0:59), All He Says I Am (7:50), Give Me Faith (12:52), In Christ Alone (16:50)

Source: Cross Pointe Church on Vimeo

Songs:At Your Name (0:00), God’s Great Dance Floor (5:12), The Stand (8:38), In Christ Alone (19:56), Cornerstone (21:52), Give Me Faith (22:53)

Source: Savannah Christian Church on Vimeo

Songs: Praise Him (0:00), Our God is Love (4:57), Arms Open Wide (9:36), Give Me Faith (16:23), You Won’t Relent (20:16)

Source: Savannah Christian Church on Vimeo

Songs: Hands of the Healer (0:00), You Hold Me Now (3:55), Give Me Faith (10:17), Never Once (19:23), Everlasting God (23:48)

Source: The Church at Polaris on Vimeo