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Source: Tim Jarrett from The Summit Church


Source: New Hope Church on Vimeo

Songs: Alive (0:05), Call Upon the Lord (3:56), The Lord Our God (8:31)


Songs: Alive (0:00), We Rejoice (4:03), Touch The Sky (8:19), Give Me Faith (12:38)

Source: Shawn C Ames from Family Life Fellowship

Songs: Alive (0:12), Only King Forever (4:00), Jesus I Need You (10:10), Waiting Here for You (15:44)

Source: Harvest Time on Vimeo

Songs: Alive (0:00), Your Love Awakens Me (2:11), The Lion and the Lamb (6:05), Forever (10:30), Glory to Glory (16:38)

Source: Chad Perez from New Hope Church

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