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Doing this 1 thing will make your worship services more engaging.

There’s one thing I’ve noticed—all things being equal—that makes one church’s worship services more engaging than another’s. This one thing, if done right, will encourage more people to sing. Unfortunately, it’s nothing the worship leader can do.

It’s up to the slide operator. The projectionist. The lyric typer. Here’s the secret to more engaging worship services. Continue Reading…

[A guest post from Jeff Allen]

Unfortunately, it isn’t common to see eye-to-eye with your technical director or audio engineer. You usually have an idea how you want your band to sound. And the audio engineer has their own goal. They may have some comments or suggestions on your guitar tone. They may ask your keyboard player to play more right hand and less left so the keys cut through.

It can be frustrating. But one way or another you’re going to have to get along.

Here are a few tips to help you work through this:

1. Don’t take anything personally.

When the sound guy asks if you can try a different pickup or adjust the mids on your amp, he isn’t tearing your art apart. He’s simply trying to help you be heard. If your tone is full of mud then it will live in the swamp. Ain’t nobody livin’ in the swamp. Same goes for the epic battle of “turn the amp down”.  Don’t you dare sneak the volume back up halfway through a set. That’s a sincerely jerkish move.

But sound guys, you don’t get off that easy. The same goes for you when we ask for a monitor change. Don’t do the fake knob turn.

2. Work together. Have a meeting.

Most of your issues can be worked out before you even get to rehearsal with a simple meeting before rehearsal. Talk through the set. Talk through the songs. Is there anything you want your engineer to know? Do you want him to feature a guitar solo? If he doesn’t know one is coming it’s hard for him to feature it. Encourage him to be a part of the band. Your band listens and studies the music before rehearsal. Ask your engineer to do the same.

3. Hang out.

Try to set aside a time for the tech team and the music team to hang out. They need to know each other. They need to know each other aside from their roles on your team. The guy that runs lights – he should know that the bass player is currently looking for work. The keyboard player should know that the lyric operator and his wife just had a baby. When they know each other that way, the little things are just that – little things.

The Key is Communication

At the end of the day everything you’re working toward involves communication. When things aren’t properly communicated, tension can set in. If communication lines are open and taken care of, things will be smooth as silk.

[Guest Post by Josh Collesano]

Christmas is here and with it means an entire season of stage looks, sermon series, and Christmas worship sets. With 4 weekends leading up to Christmas my hope is that you and your church have decided to incorporate songs that fit with everything this season means for the local church. Before you think that you’ve been boxed in with the idea that you have to do 4 weekends of Christmas carols, let’s broaden our scope a little. My hope is that you’ll discover there is more to this season of Christmas worship sets than just the carols. Continue Reading…

[Leading Worship During Christmas, Guest Post by Jared Sears]

Let’s be up front. Christmas music is the worst. There’s not a time of year when I get more frustrated as a worship pastor than Christmas time. Even Hillsong can’t make Christmas cool. I’m not even sure Bono could record a cool Christmas album. Don’t you feel the same way?

Plus, it’s hard to rock a sweater with skinny jeans.

But what if our disdain for the style is robbing us of a unique way congregation worship impacts our people – a way that only happens once a year. I’d like to discuss the tension between nostalgia and worshipContinue Reading…

Stage Presence in Worship

jonathanmalm —  November 10, 2012 — 1 Comment

[Stage Presence in Worship, Guest Post by Brennan Loveless]

As a worship pastor, stage presence in worship has always been a bit of an important issue for me. Maybe you can relate. Maybe you’re needing to have a conversation with a background vocalist or musician that looks like they’re in a coma every time they’re on stage. Here are a few things to help you have those tough conversations and lead your teams to become great examples of worshiping God. Continue Reading…

Choosing Songs for Worship

jonathanmalm —  October 27, 2012 — 2 Comments

[Guest Post by Josh Collesano]

One of the most important responsibilities of a worship leader is choosing songs for worship. We have more access to songs today than ever before. With services like CCLI, Planning Center Online, music streaming services, social media, and the like, it seems there’s an endless supply of songs for your worship library. One thing that hasn’t changed is having a good process for choosing songs for worship. This will help you get started. Continue Reading…

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