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Album Review: Response by Woodside Worship

Woodside Worship’s album, Response, sounds like it could be a project from Passion. It has great recording value and they even make a nod to Hillsong Young & Free in the second track on the album.

Give it a listen and pay close attention to tracks 1 and 10 (“Can’t Be Broken” and “Presence”). “Can’t Be Broken” is a peppy, southern rock pop song with a wonderful hook. “Presense” is a slowly building, worshipful song much like your favorite Hillsong song of that same style. Those are your two tracks most likely to make it into a worship set list at your church.

But even if you don’t incorporate the whole album into your set lists, the album makes a great option to listen to while driving around. Give it a try!

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Worship Album Review:
Overcomers by City Beautiful Church

Cole NeSmith, pastor of City Beautiful Church and contributor to this album, is one of the coolest people I know. So when he let me know they released an album, I was excited to give it a listen. Continue Reading…

I generally enjoyed listening to “Encounter”, by 305 Worship. There is a decent amount of variety as well. My favorite song is probably Let There Be Light. It reminded me of early Gungor. Lyrically, I think the album is decent with lots of songs about God rather than a “Jesus is my girlfriend” approach. Continue Reading…

Finally a new worship album that isn’t boring! When I look for songs to bring into the worship binder, I look for songs that are theologically sound and have an engaging feel. The new album “Coming Alive” by Dustin Smith fits the bill. Smith is a Kansas City, Missouri-based worship leader and songwriter who has been involved in fulltime ministry for 17 years—including the past nine years serving as a worship leader at World Revival Church.

“Coming Alive” was recently released and has some good songs for your examination.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

Who is Like Our God” – A good mix of guitar and keyboard. Musically this song could be broken down to be lead with either, but has a good build to it.  The song encourages us to “come let us remember” what God has done and who He is. This song probes for response and would fit with a time of leading/altar call portion of the worship set.

He’s Alive” – Here’s your next big Easter song. You’re welcome.

Eyes Like Fire”- The album ends with 7 minutes of Eyes Like Fire. It’s a great mix of honoring God’s holiness with a call to action for the worshipper. You and your drummer will like this one. The chorus rings out the main focus of the song:
I will live, I will dwell on the mountain
I will drink from the Living Fountain
I’m alive just to seek Your face
Give me faith I can take to the nations
Shine your light, let it bring salvation
As I reflect who you are, let them see Your face
It’s a great song to add to your rotation. It also features a verse sung by a female singer, which could give some variety if you primarily have a male leading worship.

Coming Alive released September 23rd and is available on ITunes for $9.99 for a 13 tracks or $11.99 as a Deluxe Version with the previous 11 songs and 3 live video performances. You can view most of the chord charts for the songs on Dustin’s website here:

Review by Larry Barnes. @youthminister

Album Review: Kingdom by Covenant Worship

Covenant Worship’s new album can very well be the new modern choir standard. Israel Houghton’s producing can be heard throughout the songs. This album blends electronic, choir, and a worship band to give a fresh youthful feel to the music. With that said, the band loves “Ohs” and it tends to make the music busier than it needs to be in some songs. An added bonus for the listener is the sub bass frequencies that start off Kingdom Come. Continue Reading…

Jordan and Kristin Rippy are a worship duo from Florida, who just came out with their first worship EP called “Seek You First.” This album has been gaining traction since their successful Kickstarter campaign that was fully funded in July 2013 and was just released to the public.

Overall, the EP is very well put together and carries some fresh original song writing, however lacking in genre diversity. This album isn’t your “Whoa-O” anthem songs you get from Hillsong United, but rather leans toward the more broken down pop stylings of Joel Engle. The album features the guitarist Michael Pope of Bethel Worship, which fits well with the style of music. You can get the 6 song EP on iTunes today.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

Come Like the Wind” – This song has a great chorus that has a nice pacing that can be one of those choruses you repeat forever. It’s catchy and is easily the breakout song of the EP.

Come and Drink” – This song would fit well for an altar call/response/reflection time for the set. Bonus: It also features some “Whoa-ohs.”

Their website also features more info as well as all the chord charts for the album.

Review by Larry Barnes. @youthminister

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