Archives For Small Church (< 1,000)

Songs: Alive (0:00), We Rejoice (4:03), Touch The Sky (8:19), Give Me Faith (12:38)

Source: Shawn C Ames from Family Life Fellowship

Songs: In Sync (2:04), Back to Life (5:21), Love Goes On (9:36), Faithfulness (14:27)

Source: International Family Church on Vimeo

Songs: This Is Amazing Grace (0:07), God My Rock (4:37), Revelation Song (10:47), Greater is He (17:46)

Source: Jason Crabtree from Moses Lake Alliance Church

Songs: Open Up The Heavens (0:00), Forever Reign (4:30), Cornerstone (9:39), From The Inside Out (15:26)

Source: Jason Crabtree from Moses Lake Alliance Church

Songs: Lord Almighty (0:00), When the Stars Burn Down (7:16), Great Are You Lord (11:50), The Lord Our God (18:20), From the Inside Out (22:41)

Source: Cliff Lambert from Deep Creek Baptist Church

Songs: Let it Be Known (2:21), Love Goes On (7:37), I Surrender (13:59), Scandal of Grace (1:24:58)

Source: International Family Church on Vimeo

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