6 Annoying Things Worship Leaders Hear

Us worship leaders love our congregations. It’s such a privilege to lead these folks into worship each week. But that doesn’t mean our job is without annoyance. There are times we get a bit agitated (or maybe you’re more spiritual than most of us).

But we thought it would be fun to put together some of the annoying things worship leaders hear from congregants. If nothing else we hope it’ll make you chuckle and re-appreciate your job.


I found out very quickly, just because someone’s band opened for Stryper or Petra, it didn’t mean they were a good guitar player. But that sure doesn’t stop people from name dropping to avoid an audition.


This is actually a wonderful compliment unless you were trying to do your own version. I’ve found if you sing all the right words and don’t deviate from the melody, most people can’t tell the different in musicianship between your version and the MP3.


Or maybe you hear, “Why is the music so quiet?” Regardless, it’s impossible to please everyone’s decibel tolerance.


This is the time you need to grit your teeth, smile, and not say, “Then why don’t you go back to your old church?!” Keep calm and carry on, worship leader.


Unless there’s a large dollar amount accompanying this request, this is really annoying. And many a parent can’t understand why the worship leader wouldn’t want to spend their free time investing in their child…


Need I explain why this one is particularly annoying?

What are some of the most annoying things you’ve heard as a worship leader? How do you respond to these?

9 responses to 6 Annoying Things Worship Leaders Hear

  1. When will we play gospel songs?

    When will we play latin songs?

    We should do this song entirely in spanish (while most of my singers don’t know a lick of spanish and 99% of the church speak english, but for some reason bi-lingual speakers feel songs are more powerful if it were sang in spanish? Idk….but I hear this often)

    We should do hymns.

    Worship should be longer.

    You need to go check out this worship leader, she really knows how flow.

    This should be our next song.

    I miss “so and so” he was such an anoinnted worship leader. (this was said to me shortly after I took over the worship team, cuz “so and so” dropped the team in a heart beat and left the church….needless to say, I had to bite my tongue LOL)

  2. ‘We used to play it like this’

    ‘I wish you would do the hymns in a more traditional style’. Interpretation: do it with just the piano.

    ‘I’ve got this song I want to sing today, here’s the tape’. There’s a reason our church doesn’t not have a cassette player BTW.

  3. We need to come up with the propper way(s) to respond to these questions!

  4. “Does everything have to have bass?”

  5. All these issues seem to me to be spiritual pop quizes, how we respond tells more about our spiritual maturity than anything else…

  6. Yes – Good perspective indeed – I agree. Keeping in mind that we are singing to an audiance of ONE and His is the intended to please helps to maintain a good perspective.

  7. “Rehearsal starts at 6:30 and we started singing at 6:32” – while ignoring the fact that I did announcements on upcoming events starting at 6:30

    “I can’t sing next to him/her”

  8. Do you just pick these songs at random?

    Maybe you should pray about the songs you choose(because no one ever does that, right?)

    The Drums are WAYYYY too loud
    The guitar is too loud
    Electric guitar resembles rock music. its of the DEVIL!!!
    Why are the drums still too loud
    Turn that guitar our of my monitor.

    I couldn’t hear my keys in my monitor, so I turned the volume knob up(direct input to system; sound board adjusted

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